What is an employee file?

An employee file is an organized set of documents and records of an employee. These documents and records are collected and compiled from the beginning of their recruitment process, during the phase of employment until their resignation.

What are the components of an employee file?

An employee file will contain the following information –

  • Employee profile information like birth date, employee number, email ID, insurance ID, and emergency contacts.
  • Documents from previous employment like work experience.
  • Current employment contract and payroll information.
  • Vacation entitlements and absence records.
  • Time tracking records.
  • On-job training and performance appraisal records.
  • Resignation and exit interview records.
  • All other documents related to employment

contents of employee file

Why is it important to maintain an employee file?

An employee file helps both the employer and employee. An employer can retrieve all information related to employees in one place. Employers, HR managers, and team managers get a chronological overview of an employee’s performance.

For the employee, the employee file can help them look into their vacation entitlements. Check balance vacation days. Check time tracking records, payroll records, etc.

Who will access to the employee file?

HR managers will be responsible for employee file confidentiality. The HR managers can however share the access for certain records for operational purposes. Records such as absence record to team managers, time records to the payroll team.

The employee as well will have complete access to their records. GDPR law also states that employers have the responsibility to protect employee records.

Where do you save the records and documents of an employee file?

It is recommended to save such records on an online HR software. It allows the flexibility for HR managers and employees to access their data from anywhere anytime.

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