If you run a business, scheduling staff to ensure you are covered while keeping them happy can be a nightmare. Making sure that each time slot has sufficient staff levels while dealing with absences and leave is never easy.

Employee scheduling software can help. Good software will allow you to create rotas with ease while providing a range of HR services. These can help you save both time and money.

In this article, we are going to discuss what scheduling software is, why it is useful, and its many benefits.

What is Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software helps to automate the process of creating and maintaining a work schedule. By doing this, it can help increase productivity and allow a business to allocate resources better.

Creating a schedule with software is as easy as inputting tasks, their timeframes, and the staff responsible for them. Changes to tasks are as easy as clicking a few buttons and data is semi-permanent allowing its reuse. This makes setting up repeat tasks simple.

Employee scheduling software made easy by Papershift

What Are the Features of Employee Scheduling Software?

A good staff rota software will allow you to create and amend rotas easily. It will also allow you to perform a variety of HR tasks, including:

  • Monitor leave and allow employees to request leave through the software. This can then be automatically or manually accepted.
  • Monitor sickness absences. Good scheduling software will monitor sick days. This can aid with sickness policies.
  • Prevent scheduling conflicts. Other types of rota applications can lead to clashes or scheduling issues. Scheduling software will alert you to potential problems and guide you on how to fix them.

What Are the Benefits of Using Employee Scheduling Software?

There are many advantages to using rota software, including:

Data Availability

Good staff scheduling software will provide you with a vast amount of data. Reports on hours worked, absences and leaves are easy to pull up with the click of a button.

Ensures Good Business Coverage

The primary purpose of scheduling software is to ensure that staffing levels are adequate at all times. A good employee scheduling software solution makes it easy to see who is working when. This allows managers to ensure that staff cover is good at all times.

Changes Are Easily Seen

Scheduling changes happen. Meeting times move, staff ring in sick, and you may need overtime at the drop of a hat. Employee scheduling software not only makes changes easy but will also update timetables for everyone concerned.

Payroll Linking

Most employee scheduling software will provide information for running payroll. The number of hours worked can easily be exported, allowing other software systems to work out how much pay is required. Some software solutions will link directly with payroll software, making the process even easier.

How Much Does Employee Scheduling Software Cost?

It depends on which one you use. Some software is free to use but may have restrictions. Others cost a one-off fee that can be quite steep (many hundreds of pounds). The more feature-rich software solutions may incur a monthly subscription fee.

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Written by Siva

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