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A good staff leave planner will allow employees to book leave and manage absences. It will also allow managers to analyze leave data and set leave quotas.
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staff leave planner

Creating and managing a leave planner that works for both your business, your customers, and your staff is never a simple task. Making sure staff can book and manage holidays while ensuring you meet the needs of your business can be difficult.

But there is a way to make the task easier by using a staff absence planner. In this article, we will discuss what a leave planner is and how it works. Let’s begin.

What is a leave planner?

It is a tool that helps businesses track employee leave and absences. A good system will allow employees to book leave and manage absences. It will also allow managers to analyze leave data and set leave quotas.

Absence tracking systems come in a variety of forms. The one you use will depend on the size and type of business. Larger businesses will have the budget to facilitate a fully featured HR system with an integrated leave management system. Smaller businesses may rely on cheaper alternatives, like spreadsheet software or even a paper-based system.

Why is it useful and necessary for businesses?

There are many reasons to implement a staff absence planner solution, including:

  • A touchstone for staff, managers, and HR teams: A good absence planner will offer a one-stop source for absence and leave management. Employees will use it to book leave and see how much entitlement they have left. Managers/HR teams will be able to manage the number of absences at any given time.
  • Data can be managed more efficiently: Using a leave planner will make it easier to manage leave data. Leave allowance will be accessible by all, and analysis easier to perform.
  • Increased leave management efficiency: A central system for planning leave makes the entire leave planning process easier to manage. Allowances will be easier to amend and quotas easier to tweak.
  • Easy project planning: Project managers will find it easier to consider future leave requirements.

Leave planner app

It is a purpose-built piece of software for managing leave. It will include a way for employees to manage their own leave requests. Through this, they can add new leave requests and cancel ones already booked.

It will also facilitate a way for management and HR teams to analyze leave data and see how many people are on leave at any given time.

Leave planner software can be online-based and accessible via the cloud. The major benefit of online software is that all staff members can access it from anywhere.

Staff absence planner

A staff absence planner is a piece of software accessible by employees. Through this they can:

  • Request annual leave
  • Request special leave requests
  • See how many leave hours they have remaining
  • Cancel leave requests

Annual leave planner

An annual vacation planner is a piece of software that allows employees to book annual leave. All employees have a specific number of annual holiday days. An annual absence planner allows them to manage and book these days.

It also allows HR teams and managers to:

  • Set specific quotas for leave
  • See how many hours are booked for each day
  • Plan future annual leave priorities for the business
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