Managing staff in the workplace is never an easy task. Balancing the desires of employees with the needs of the business is a juggling act worthy of a circus clown.

But there is something out there that can help in the form of workforce management software. 

In this article, we will discuss what this software is, what it can do, as well as its many benefits. Let’s get started.

What is workforce management software?

It is a suite of tools that help businesses to ensure employees are scheduled to the right place, at the right time. It is geared to help attain maximum productivity while managing a variety of HR tasks.

Can you get free workforce management software?

While there are some free software applications out there that perform workforce management tasks, they are generally poor. Most offer a fragmented set of skills without any integration. On top of this, they lack many of the features businesses require.

For a good workforce management solution, you will need to buy dedicated software.

workforce management software made easy by Papershift

What can you do with workforce software?

The capabilities of such a software include:

  • Business and staff forecasting. This can allow a company to plan schedules ahead of time and ensure staff cover is good. It can also allow them to assess how many staff members they need at specific periods of the year.
  • Time and attendance tracking. Do you need to see when your employee’s clock in and out? Then workforce management software will do this automatically.
  • Leave management. Your staff will need to book leave from time to time. Such a software will allow them to do it directly from the “app”. Managers can then approve these or set up the software to do this automatically.
  • Policy enforcement to ensure regulatory compliance. Good workforce management software will allow you to set rules that make sure you comply with employment laws. You can restrict things like breaks, shifts, and hours.
  • Absence management. Most workforce management solutions allow you to monitor absence and sickness. This can make it easier to adhere to business policies as well as providing support to staff.

What are the benefits of using workforce management system?

There are many advantages to using software, including:

    • Better Business Efficiency. The biggest benefit of using a workforce management system is it allows you to automate many payroll and timekeeping functions. This is a huge benefit to companies, as payroll and attendance management can eat up thousands of work hours each year.
    • Payroll Can Be Run More Accurately. The data provided by a workforce management system can help calculate payroll. This can lead to fewer mistakes and less time wasted by HR departments.
    • Less Running Costs. The human resources required to monitor attendance and calculate payroll can cost a fortune. A workforce management solution will automate many of the tasks of HR. This can reduce business costs significantly.
    • Better Analytics. Data is key in refining business processes and saving money. Workforce management software will provide a wide range of statistics. Management can then analyse this information for a wide range of purposes.

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Written by Siva

I write & describe the value & benefits delivered by Paperhift's rota planning, staff time tracking, and employee payroll management software. Especially useful for Shift Planners, Rota Managers, Team Admins, and HR Teams 🙂

Illustration by Rosina Gavrilash from Ouch!